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Full service marketing agency,

but not as you know it.
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With offbeat, you get all the best bits a marketing agency has to offer – and none of the noise.

You’ll work directly with senior-level practitioners and specialist talent, built over 25+ years in the industry, that deliver the exact combination of skills you need, from strategy to delivery. A fully bespoke marketing service that’s as individual as you are – think off the beaten track, not off the shelf.

Every business is different.

We believe that to make a real impact you need to learn what makes your customers tick. We take time to get to know you, get a feel for your business, find out what is driving you so that we can tailor our service and make a genuine difference to your business outcomes – whether you’re looking to drive footfall, boost sales, launch a new product or generate demand.

So yes, we are an agency. And yes, we are a team. But no, we don’t have juniors, account handlers or client managers. Choose to work with offbeat and you get a flexible and cost-effective marketing partner for your business, and an easy way to access a rich skills base for projects, ad-hoc work or ongoing light-touch support.

Whatever your business needs to make it sing.
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Our skills have been honed in the retail sphere, working with some of the biggest shopping centre destinations in the world and we know this sector inside out. We’re using this experience to deliver the most effective 360 marketing strategies to small to medium sized businesses in other sectors too, such as health & wellbeing, technology, FinTech and home services manufacturing.

Ads that glow, campaigns that sway, In the realm of marketing, data leads the way.

It‘s not about what we think. Or what you think. It’s the facts that matter. We make recommendations based on what your customers think – and what they want. Our strategies are always based on these facts and we’re confident in our ability to use what the data tells us to make a genuine difference to your business.… it’s the best way for your business to find the right rhythm and grow.

Retail specialists, remixing marketing trends and so much more…

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About Us


Founded by Bevan Givens and Donna Callander, offbeat is comprised of some of the most exceptional marketing minds in the UK.

We offer indispensable support to shopping centres, retailers, SMEs, and other businesses aspiring to expand. Our passion and expertise in marketing make us the go-to choice for anyone seeking growth and enhanced visibility…

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Research and Strategy
Hit the right notes - first time. Every time.

Your marketing strategy needs to be based on what will deliver the best return for your shopping centre. Otherwise it’s just like throwing everything at the walls and hoping something sticks… But how do you make sure you are hitting the right notes? Our experience has proven that the secret to success is to undertake thorough, detailed research at the outset. This involves a discovery exercise that determines what your customers need and how your product or service works for them. From there we can make informed recommendations on what marketing activities are right for your business – the right social media channels, PR, email marketing, advertising and campaign plan.

It’s the only way to ensure your activity is in harmony with your target market.

Website and Digital
Create a digital masterpiece, not just a webpage cover
Is your online presence working hard enough for you? Your online existence might get you seen, but your online presence is your reputation – it’s what makes you visible and credible, what your customers will want to see before they make a buying decision. And for that you need a digital strategy that works. Whether you need to develop a full digital marketing strategy or you’re looking to boost your existing strategy with standalone projects, offbeat can work with you to deliver the quality digital experience your customers expect. From responsive quality websites that deliver on SEO thanks to a winning combination of the right design and keywords, to standalone search, display and YouTube advertising to support your short-term goals, we provide outstanding value with the work we do.
Brand Development
Tune your brand strategy to be pitch-perfect

It can be tough out there. Competition, budget constraints, uncertainty – it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd, have a strong brand and USP that customers believe in. Your proposition, brand values, tone of voice and visual identity need to be authentic and reflect your business personality – and they all need to work together consistently to maximise the impact your business makes on your customers. Offbeat will help you define your brand – or realign it – so that your vision, mission and message is clear, effective and ready to take to market.

Be The One, not one of many.

Organic Marketing
All about the authentic groove for organic reach

Reach customers naturally – not via paid advertising or promotional content. Organic marketing is all about gradually building brand awareness and a connection with your audience. And it’s a must-have baseline for every business.

The right combination of a great website, being active on social media channels, engaging in conversation and offering helpful content (think blogs and videos) creates a positive brand experience and is always good for business. But it can be incredibly time consuming and ineffective if you don’t know what you’re doing. Offbeat can lighten the load by building online communities and groups, applying the correct hashtag strategies and creating engaging content for your social channels so they are productive and work harder for you.

We give you peace of mind that all your bases are covered.

Analytics and Measurement
Keep your performance data in tune, and let analytics be your conductor

Is your strategy working? How do you know? We believe measuring your results matters so we use a range of analytics tools that blend together performance measurements and data science so you know your marketing strategy is the right one for your brand and target demographic. Our reports give you full sight of your Google Analytics, Google My Business and social insights via Google Data Studio. We work with your team to directly link these results back to your marketing activities to help inform your forecasts, make strategy improvements and determine future campaign development. See your progress, what’s being achieved and celebrate your success.

Don’t just think you’re achieving a return on your investment. Know it.

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